Many of us are in need of this but we don’t have the courage to take it.Ous success and fall always depends on the level of this. No one could support us rather than our own self. The level is something to be maintained by our self. Having too little confidence can prevent you from taking lower risks too. Two main things for self confidence is self efficacy and self esteem. Start to visualize the things in a positive way so that we develop our own level making sure that things will be better. Take up the challenges, never give up the way how hard it is which boosts your confidence at a higher level. Start caring for yourself, create personal boundaries and shift to an equality mentality. Let the things move the way it is


A better sleep

I used to think that only I have the problem of sleepless nights.Because the sad reality is many of us are affected by this. Sleeping up early or late is not a problem, the state of mind you have matters.

Few better ways could be,

  • Make sure your bed is not connected to any other rooms like dining or office area.
  • If your mattress is not soft you will also not have comfortable sleep.
  • Let your room be dark and cool.
  • Moreover take the same bed time always ,don’t change the routine.
  • Leave the things that bother you and don’t stress too much when to bed.

Bliss of blessed – Family

You can be good or bad , society may discriminate or respect you,yet there are genuine people who just see you all the best way and trustful bond will be them as renamed out by family.

A child learns the most from this circle and it reshapes his soul based on the crew he lives. Every new practice starts here. Give the values at the beginning stages which moulds his character totally. Each and every move of yours trains the younger minds.

No matter never give up your family at any circumstances. Trust is the only bridge to build the bonds. Support each other ,never let anyone down. Be confident enough to bring them up. Motivating others is where you never fall beyond the hurdles. These everything makes the relation of care , love and affection .

Life is an adventure

Many of us just walk the way as assigned like a set of rules which has just two options of yes or no. We never try to experience the things in our own style. Exploring each path not only finds out what’s behind yet makes our confidence level higher to take risks and move miles.

Life is not a tour package design yours ,take the adventure ,explore the world.

Lost between social and personal life

I am happy that I was born in nineties where I do have the memories of reality life than virtuality. Life is now been viewed on the screen inches from birth which distances the bond and relationship between people.

Technology can rise but we shouldn’t slave us with it. It is a media to learn or communicate but not to live with. People now-a-days socially get dumped leaving the reality life of being with people. Media has not increased the communication level just distanced the nearby people farther . We everyone live in social media doing nothing just losing the original views.

Care starts from inner self

Don’t give on the hands of happiness to others and wait for it. Each and every piece of care has to be self carried by yourself. Make things which brings you a healthy mind .

  • Thoughts are the main ingredients of a healthy mind. Always have a positive line of thought.
  • A healthy mind and body are initial step. Imbalance of any one destructs the way completely.
  • Your emotions must be strong and never lose it for others.
  • Spiritual health lays down the calmness .